Crochet Problem Solving = Q-Tip Holder

I'll be honest. I use a lot of Q-Tips. Almost every day, I accidentally smear my makeup around on my face and I need to fix it with a Q-Tip. The annoying thing is that my bathroom vanity is tiny. So, every day, I have to reach in the little cabinet underneath and feel around for the gigantic box of Q-Tips because it won't fit on the counter or anywhere more convenient.

But not anymore!

I played around and designed a teensy little crocheted Q-Tip holder! This little baby whips up in about 20 minutes and holds my Q-Tips conveniently within reach.

I used a small hook, F/5-3.75mm, so that the stitches would be really tight to give it some structure so it would stand up straight and not flop around.

crochet holder

crochet q tip holder

I did not crochet this in continuous spirals. I tried that, but the top of it always looked a little wonky and not flat. So, instead, I used joined rounds, which you will see in the pattern below.







See! Even my cat, Penny wants a piece of this action! Haha!

She's soooo helpful when I'm doing my crochet photo shoots. She's sure everything is a toy just for her. What a princess.