How to crochet FLO (front loop only)

Learn how to crochet FLO (front loop only) to create a different look for your projects! I use the FLO in single crochets to make a ridged brim for my fold-up beanies.

I used this technique to make the cute little fold-up brim from my Pussy Hat! I'm going to wear this beanie for the Women's March in Denver on January 21. If you'd like to get a little political and support women's rights, consider joining a march in your local area. And crochet a Pussy Hat, of course!

You can grab the Pussy Hat pattern here

Ok, so on to the video. Here's the FLO tutorial.

Use the FLO to create your very own Pussy Hat!

And, other patterns using this technique will be coming soon!

How to Crochet a Beanie: Single Crochet

Welcome to Step 2 of crocheting a beanie, the single crochet. In crochet patterns, single crochet is abbreviated as sc.

I love to make beanies with single crochet. The stitches look smooth, tight and beautiful. (Hmmm, that sounds a little dirty, but I'm talking about crochet here! ;) Anyway, single crochet is a basic, easy stitch and it creates awesome results. I use it in most of my patterns so once you nail this stitch, you'll be on your way to making tons of fun projects.

To start your single crochet beanie, you first need to make a magic circle. Now you're ready to do some single crochets into the circle to start the very top of your beanie. See the video below for step-by-step details.

For some people. the magic circle and the first single crochet stitches are the hardest part of the entire beanie. So, take your time and don't get frustrated. Watch the video a few times and follow exactly what I do. Rest assured that your effort is worth it because your beanie is going to look awesome! And, once you've got this part down, the rest of the hat will be easy peasy.

How did it go? Were you able to successfully execute a single crochet stitch? Tell me about it in the comments below! ;)